For Mentors

MPM K-12 Journey Map - This online tool is Minnesota's first interactive outline mapping major milestones for youth as they prepare for post-secondary education.  The map included links to resources that support the milestones, from taking a career interest finder to finding ways to pay for college.  The Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota (MPM) K-12 Journey Map is sponsored by GE and the University of Minnesota.

Sparks - Helping Teenagers Succeed - Discovering and nurturing teenagers' sparks helps them succeed.  To help mentors become spark champions, MPM collaborated with Search Institute to create these new tools and training resources.

Tools For Mentoring Adolescents - Tools for Mentoring Adolescents were developed by MPM in collaboration with the Search Institute to support and strengthen relationships between mentors and mentees. 

"I've always thought that you had some of the best curriculum and materials out there. These new tools are a great addition!"  Out-of-State Mentoring Resource Associate

Talking it Through: Communication Skills for Mentors - This online course from Education Northwest gives video scenarios and training to help you as a mentor navigate difficult conversations.

Building Relationships: A Guide for New Mentors - This resource is great mentor training supplement, providing mentors with ten simple tips for effective relationship development.

Impact Now - Opportunities to Volunteer Together - From gardening to senior bingo nights to cleaning and organizing, from meal preparation to decorating to bike repair, HandsOn Twin Cities' Impact Now program has over 40 volunteer projects taking place each month at a variety of locations throughout the Twin Cities. If you are looking for a fun, meaningful activity, there are many opportunities available through Impact Now.  See a full list of volunteer projects and register.

Looking for similar volunteer opportunities in Greater Minnesota? Contact your local United Way office or Volunteer Center to see what is happening in your community. Find a Volunteer Center in your area.

Discovering the Possibilities - Curriculum designed by the Mentoring Partnership of Long Island specifically for mentors and mentees in the 8th and 9th grades. This new toolkit allows mentors to engage their mentees in exercises that get young people thinking seriously about college and taking the steps necessary to get there.

Eat Well, Stay Active, Have Fun: A Guide for Mentors - This free guide from the Harvard School of Public Health provides mentors with information and guidance on how to make healthy eating and physical activity natural parts of the mentor-mentee relationship.

Learns: The Tutor - In-depth articles for tutor, mentor, and other youth-focused programs

A Years' Worth of Mentoring Activities - Check out this list of activities that you can do with your mentee throughout the year.

Financial Literacy Resources - This is a collection of resources, links and tools to assist adults with promoting financial literacy for children and youth; includes information about how to get involved in Teach Children to Save Day, curriculum from ShareSaveSpend and more.

YouthFriends: Resource Center - YouthFriends is a school-based mentoring network that connects caring adult volunteers with young people. Here you can find activity ideas, reading resources, tips for volunteers, and more.

Mentoring Central's Mentor Training Courses - A new web-based mentor's training by Dr. Jean Rhodes and Dr. Janis Kupersmidt. Cost: $25