For Parents and Guardians

MPM K-12 Journey Map - This online tool is Minnesota's first interactive outline mapping major milestones for youth as they prepare for post-secondary education.  The map included links to resources that support the milestones, from taking a career interest finder to finding ways to pay for college.  The Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota (MPM) K-12 Journey Map is sponsored by GE and the University of Minnesota.

MPM's Mentee Training Resource - Many mentoring programs focus significant attention on training and preparing new mentors for their relationship with a young person. But how are programs preparing new mentees to make the most of their mentoring relationships? The Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota’s Executive Youth Board set out to answer that question and based upon what they learned, decided to develop new resources and provide a place to share ideas for preparing mentees for successful mentoring relationships.

Afterschool Program Resources - Learn about the bridge between mentoring and afterschool programs, and tips on finding a quality program for your child.

Resources for Military Families - This is collection of resources and links for families affected by the military deployment of a family member, as well as background information for mentors and mentoring programs about special concerns of children affected by deployments of people close to them.

Financial Literacy Resources - This is a collection of resources, links and tools to assist adults with promoting financial literacy for children and youth; includes information about how to get involved in Teach Children to Save Day, curriculum from ShareSaveSpend and more.

MPM Parent Guide - MPM created this guidebook for parents to learn more about mentoring, help them decide whether mentoring might be helpful to their child, and find out how to connect their child with a mentor.

Preparing Parents for the Mentoring Experience - This article serves as a handbook for parents whose children will be entering into a mentoring relationship, giving parents useful advice on how to communicate with the mentor and how to explain the relationship to the child.

Involving Parents in Mentoring Programs - This factsheet, published by the U.S. Department of Education, gives parents information on what to expect from a mentoring program regarding their child's match and new relationship.

White House Task Force for Disadvantaged Youth - Page 95 of this report speaks to the importance of parents getting involved in their children's programs, as well as the importance of a parent's duty to be a strong adult role model.