Research and Reports

Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota
Research and Evaluation

The Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota (MPM) is a leader in the mentoring movement. We conduct research based on the needs of mentoring programs, corporate stakeholders and the greater community to qualify and quantify the benefits of matching young people with adult role models through positive mentoring relationships.

Research and evaluation are valuable components of developing, maintaining and sustaining quality youth mentoring programs. MPM's role is to provide valuable information about mentoring trends in the state. These results build broad support for the mentoring field and provide compelling evidence for a greater investment in mentoring.

Social Return on Investment (SROI) on Youth Mentoring - In 2007, MPM Minnesota's first-ever SROI on youth mentoring study concluded that mentoring leads to positive results for youth and provides a positive return on investment for every dollar spent on programming.  Based on conservative assumptions about outcomes and valuations, our representative program returns benefits of $2.72 for every dollar of resources spent.

State of Mentoring Survey* - Every other year, MPM measures thecollective impact of mentoring on Minnesota youth through a statewidesurvey known as the "State of Mentoring*." This information is particularly valuable in articulating the need for more mentoring. *Formerly known as the "Prevalence of Mentoring."

Websites and Reports

National Research Studies on Mentoring - Curated by MENTOR: National Mentoring Partnership, this section of its website features prominent mentoring research from a variety of sources that include research papers, journal articles and publications.

The Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring - The Center for Evidenced-Based Mentoring is dedicated to creating the open and efficient exchange of research and ideas. In doing so, it seeks to advance the production, dissemination, and uptake of evidence-based practice in ways that improve the effectiveness of practice and, ultimately, create stronger, more enduring mentor-mentee relationships.

Child Trends DataBank - Child Trends is an independent, nonpartisan research center providing information on groundbreaking research, policy insights, program guidance, and exposing emerging trends and issues. Mentoring: A Promising Strategy for Youth Development is a Child Trends review of studies conducted by ten youth mentoring programs.  The Research Brief brings together highlights from these studies.