Tools for Mentoring Adolescents

Tools for Mentoring Adolescents were developed by the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota (MPM) in collaboration with the Search Institute to support and strengthen relationships between mentors and mentees.  We hope that these resources will offer new ideas and insights for mentors and mentoring program staff to enhance relationships with teens, and also assist in recruiting more community members to support young people during their ever-changing, but always interesting, adolescent years. 

These free, downloadable tools were developed based on needs identified by mentoring professionals from across Minnesota.  When using these tools there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • For Mentors:  Mentor program staff are by far the most important resource available to mentoring matches made through professional organizations.  While these tools include great, useful information, it is important that mentors and mentees also talk through questions or concerns they have with their program staff.
  • For Mentoring Program Staff:  Before sharing these tools, please read them thoroughly to make sure you understand and agree with the information presented.  If you have other ideas, opinions, or suggestions, please share those with your program participants as well.
  • For Everyone:  These materials reflect general, collective knowledge gleaned from years of practical experience, but remember that no one has all the answers.  Each mentoring relationship is unique and thus will have its own nuances and charm. Mentoring is not a one-size-fits-all proposition!

What Do Mentoring Program Staff Say About  the Tools for Mentoring Adolescents?

"Although there are a lot of resources out there for mentoring, the right one is many times hard to find, especially for the age and risk level of my clients.  These are good tools" - Restorative Justice Mentoring Coordinator

"Communication is so essential to building mentoring relationships - this resource gives some practical advice for guiding communication." - MPM Annual Conference participant

"The “Try It” and “What Can You Do” sections are good, as they give people concrete things that they can do to strengthen their match." - One to One Match Support Manager

For assistance with training needs for mentoring programs, please contact MPM at 612-399-0239 or email us.

For further information on Developmental Assets and strength-based intervention programs, please contact Search Institute - 1-800-888-7828.

Note: The tools are provided for your non-commercial use as described in the document footnotes.  They are offered as PDF documents, and you will need Adobe Reader 7.0 to access them.  You can download Adobe Reader for free here.   


MPM's Free, Downloadable Tools for Mentoring Adolescents

TMA 1 - Mentoring Adolescents: Training Needs 2

TMA 2 - Making the Most of Mentoring an Adolescent

TMA 3 - Aren't Mentors for Little Kids

TMA 4 - Building Trust Attachment with Your Mentee

TMA 5 - Let's Get Real: Positive Communication

TMA 6 - Setting Mentoring Boundaries

TMA 7 - Influence of Culture on Mentoring Relationships

TMA 8 - Developmental Characteristics of 12-14 Year Olds

TMA 9 - Developmental Characteristics of 15-18 Year Olds

TMA 10 - Activity: What's Hot and What's Not


These resources have been made available through the generous support of the Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation.

Carlson Family Foundation